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ShouldCost Analyzes Your Part’s Features

The most powerful way to simulate your true material removal cost.

Three Outdated Methods of Estimating Costs Are Slicing into Your Profit


Not only does this take a high degree of expertise, but less experienced estimators can be off as much as 50%.


Some software platforms boast of this technology, but simply “subtracting” volume is accurate.


Using historical data promotes survivor bias – it doesn’t mean those historical quotes led to profitable jobs.

ShouldCost’s Feature-Based Method Is Faster and More Accurate

Find Hidden

These unpleasent surprises cut into profit and slow production down.

Capture Every Feature, Every time.

Estimators get busy and can miss important details – not with ShouldCost.

Keep Your Machines Running

More of your jobs get started and stay going.

Wrong data brought about by incorrect estimation results in last-minute changes, which takes a lot of money and time. Good estimation leads to the smooth flow of other project activities, right up to the delivery date — it paves the way for good decision making which results in more won jobs and better jobs.

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